[Long Wavy Hair] 1 Minute Crash Course for Braid

Boxer Braid 1

Romantic Braid with Bangs

Purpose made braid decorated with long wavy hair will let you become the focus of spotlight. Exposing one`s forehead is the style of summer.

Boxer Braid 2

Side Making: Pull the twisted braids behind your head and put them into the shape of garland.

Braid 3

Steps of Tying

step1: Make a braid with your hair on the left side.
step2: Fix the braid at the behind with a U hairpin.
step3: Make a braid on the other side, and integrate it with the other braid.
Boxer Braid 4

The amazing hairstyle could be completed in one minute.

Boxer Braid 5

Forehead-exposing Updo
One can get this style with long hair. With forehead exposed and a crystal headband upon it, men will fall in front of you.
Boxer Braid 6

Side Making: Make a bud head with the brown hair and fix it at the behind. Braid is better in showing the layers of your overall style.
Braid 7

Steps of Tying
step1: Parting your bangs in 70:30, and braid them.
step2: Braid the extra hair until it comes to the end of hair.
step3: Make a bud head with the braid and fix it with hairpin.
Boxer Braid 8

Do the same with your hair on the right side and wear a headband to create the atmosphere of elegance.

Boxer Braid 9

High Pony-tail helps you look younger

High ponytail helps you look younger; it is insanely popular in summer. Show your forehead and neck and feel the blow of wind.
Boxer Braid 10

Side Making: Make your hair on the top fluffy, so as to create the sense of breathing.
Braid 11

Steps of Tying
step1: Turn your bang around and pull them back.
step2: Make a high ponytail.
step3: Keep the shape with hairspray.


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