How to Sew the Comb to the Hair

♥Hi dear all, I think if you love hair extension, you must have met those situation.

♥You hair comb is broken in the transportation

♥The hair is used for a long time, the comb is broken

If it means the hair can be not used?

No! Let Besthairbuy Teach you how to do it!⛄


♡When you recieve the Besthairbuy Hair,please check there are two more combs in your package~


♥Now,Let’s learn how to sew the comb to the hair!

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♡ Can not understand it? Do not worry, let me help you

♥1.Choosing the same color comb and the wire which are fit your hair color.

♥2.Making a knot then go though the hair

♥3.Going though the first hole from the front place(not the back place)

♥4.Doing the same work 3 times

♥5.Then going though the hair from back place(here I give a suggestion about the interval should not be too big for you can hide the wire)

♥6.Going through the hole which is between the comb

♥7.For much tighter, you need to sew hair from the back place again then just going through the right hole in the hair

♥8.Finally, sewing the hair with the comb, do the same work 3 times,and finish with a tight knot~


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